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This conference programme aims to give senior IT professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the IT industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future IT strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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2017 / Keynotes
2017 / Keynotes
  • Understand your mind, change your world

    Dr. Tim O’Brien, Psychologist, Performance Consultant and Author

    This keynote is about you. Tim proposes that you have two stories inside your head: one is about your life and the other is controlling your life. The one that is controlling your life is your Inner Story. This keynote will be about how your mind creates your Inner Story and how changing it can be the fast way to a better you. It will also help you to understand how powerful your mind is in directing how you think, feel and behave. You will be able to take away learnings that you can instantly apply to your personal and professional life.

    Tim is a psychologist who has received awards for his pioneering work in the field of emotional and behavioural change. He has been a performance consultant to teams in a range of global businesses across a variety of sectors. He has been Club Psychologist for three English Premier League football teams including over ten years with Arsenal FC and has designed and delivered leadership programmes for companies such as Nike and Red Bull and has coached individuals from President and CEO to emerging leader level.

    Tim is Visiting Fellow in Psychology and Human Development at the world-leading UCL Institute of Education. His latest book, Inner Story’, is endorsed by Sir Elton John and Arsene Wenger.


  • Mars One -It’s out of this world!

    Bas Lansdorp M.Sc., Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mars One

    Mars One invites you to learn more about the next giant leap for humankind!

    The mission goal is to establish a human settlement on Mars as the stepping stone for the human race on its voyage into the universe! As with the Apollo Moon landings, a human mission to Mars will inspire generations to believe that all things are possible and anything can be achieved.

    Bas Lansdorp has never been one to let bold ventures intimidate him. A born entrepreneur, he sees potential and opportunity where others shy away. Gifted with an articulate vision and genuine enthusiasm, he moves people with his passion for science and the human mission to Mars.

    Since starting Mars One in March 2011, this project has received support from scientists, engineers, businessmen and women and aerospace companies from all over the world and applicants are queuing to take part in the astronaut selection programme.

    To prepare for this settlement the first unmanned mission is scheduled to depart in 2020. Crews will depart for their one-way journey to Mars starting in 2031; subsequent crews will depart every 26 months. Mars One is a global initiative aiming to make this everyone's mission, including yours. Everyone is invited to join Mars One’s efforts to make mankind a multiplanetary species.

    Join Bas to hear his inspiring story!

    Bas Landorp is CEO and co-founder of Mars One, a not for profit foundation with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars.

    Bas is responsible, among other things, for investor relations, public outreach and for initial contacts with potential suppliers, sponsors and partners. He is an entrepreneur with an engineering background, interested in visionary technological business cases.


  • Inspiring those around you and motivating your team: lessons business can learn from a compelling success story!

    Dame Katherine Grainger DBE, Chair of UK Sport and Britain’s Most Decorated Female Olympian

    A peerless leader both on and off the water, Katherine is the newly appointed Chair of UK Sport – one of the most powerful positions in UK sport. In this role, she will focus on sustaining success and creating a positive environment and culture in which athletes and support personnel can perform at their best.

    Katherine’s personal story is one of hard work, holding firm, pursuing the dream over two decades, and achieving glorious success!

    She is the only female athlete in any sport to gain medals in five consecutive Olympic Games, in 2013 she received a CBE for services to rowing and became Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in the 2017 New Year’s Honours for services to sport and charity.

    Join us to hear the compelling tale of her journey, what sustained her and what motivated her to achieve her goals. Learn how the principles that guided her can be used in your own business and personal stories.

    Dame Katherine Grainger took up rowing at Edinburgh University in 1993 and in 2009 was named as Scottish Sportsperson of the Year and awarded the Emirates Lonsdale Trophy by Commonwealth Games Scotland, the first female to win this prestigious award and, in the process, leaving such Scottish sporting luminaries as Andy Murray and Sir Chris Hoy in her wake. In 2012, her dreams were realised when she won the elusive Olympic Gold medal alongside teammate Anna Watkins in the double sculls in London.

    At the 2015 World Rowing Championships, Katherine and Victoria Thornley qualified for the 2016 Olympic Games and on the 11 August 2016, she became the most decorated female Olympian of all time winning a silver medal, narrowly missing the gold after leading for 3/4 of the race. For many who had not expected this pairing to even qualify for Rio, their result was outstanding and propelled Katherine into the history books.

    In July this year, she was appointed Chair of UK Sport.


2017 / Industry
2017 / Industry
  • Cyber-security breach: Why you’re more vulnerable in more places than you thought

    Tom Berry, Board Advisor to Club CISO, the members forum for Chief Information Security Officers.

    Phil Cracknell, Interim Cyber Security/Risk Advisor, Non-Exec Director, CISO

    Time and again we see companies having to admit that they and their customers have been the victim of a cyber-attack, with vast amounts of customer data put at risk.

    This session, co-presented by a chief information security officer, gives an entertaining and horrifying overview of the risks of cyber threats to your business, explaining where the threats really lie: it's often not in your systems – human error and poor IT policies are often to blame.

    And don't think that having a back up will help you – everyone backs up their data, but very few test trying to get it out of storage again. That can take weeks.

    Then there’s the damage to corporate reputation – from both the breach itself and how you handle it – which can have a direct effect on revenues and the share price. That requires an additional strategy thread, at least as important as the technology response. As this session demonstrates, finance directors need to challenge their own perceptions about data security, what constitutes a safe IT environment and the impact on the bigger financial picture.


  • How a 78 year old Dairy stays ahead of the curve with the latest cloud tech

    How a 78 year old Dairy stays ahead of the curve with the latest cloud tech

    Let us take you on a journey from a 1939 family run dairy to a £100M business delivering 800,000 pints of milk a day. See how we are using the latest cloud technologies to keep the IT function as lean and dynamic as possible to support this rapid growth whilst being able to conform with new...


    Everything You Wanted to Know about GDPR (but were afraid to ask)

    John Elliott, Head of Payment Security, easyJet

    Even if you live under a rock and have automatically deleted every external email with GDPR in the subject, you’ll know the new General Data Protection Regulation starts to apply in May next year. This interactive session will cover three important and under-hyped areas of GDPR:

    1. Unde...


    The 2020 CIO

    Anthony Iorio, Transformational Leader / Former Fortune 500 SVP and CIO

    The session will key in on three main themes that are evolving within the CIO Role as we know it today:

    1. Major industry shifts: (Cloud, Data Analytics, Buy vs build, Operational Inefficiencies, Speed to Market) that are driving profound changes to the role ad expectations of a CIO-Leader...


  • Using political behaviour positively

    Nigel White, Former IT Director & Current Exec Partner, 2Day Consulting & Jacky Day, Former Resource Director & Current Director, 2Day Consulting

    This session will be exploring techniques to show you how you can combine Internal Politics with Behavioural Analysis in a positive way.

    Wouldn’t it be good if you knew how to successfully influence a particular political outcome and/or were able to help ensure your communications with...


2017 / Discussion Groups
2017 / Discussion Groups
  • Discussion Group: Maintenance Over Innovation

    Angus Gow, CTO, Creditsafe Group

    Keith Laidlaw, CTO, GVC Holdings Plc

    Inspired by a recent Freakonomics podcast, this discussion group will take on the “innovation obsession” and wonder if all this focus on re-invention is costing us. More and more, innovation and driving the business is demanded of us, but we cannot forget that system maintenance will cost us i...


    Discussion Group: Digitisation & Setting the IT Table

    Justin Stenner, Head of IT, Heathrow Express

    Nicola Harvey, Deputy CTO, Creditsafe Group

    Once the decision for digital transformation is made, the next step can define the role (and future) of the IT Department for years to come: who will lead? The person/people defining the parameters and goals will set the position of IT – and the CIO -- within the organisation.

    But it’s...


  • Discussion Group: The State of the IT Department 2017

    Paul Sebry, Head of IT Operations, Wiggle Ltd

    Steve Fomin, Head of Core Technology, AXA PPP Healthcare

    Mark Fowler, Formerly at Deutsche Bank

    Getting beyond the fads and “nice-to-haves”, this discussion group is a dive into the tangible day-to-day issues we are currently facing as CIOs. Topics to be covered will be released closer to the event.


    Discussion Group: Security 2017

    Howard Arnault-Ham, Head of IT, Aardman Animations Ltd

    Neil King, European Business & Information Security, Canon Europe Ltd

    Reconnect with peers to catch up on the latest pressures, threats, and tools to protect your assets. Come and share your experiences on the most recent successes (and failures) in IT today, and extract some tangible actions you can take back to your team to make everything a little bit more se...


  • Discussion Group: You’ve had a security breach: now what?

    Tom Berry, Board Advisor to Club CISO, the members forum for Chief Information Security Officers.

    Phil Cracknell, Interim Cyber Security/Risk Advisor, Non-Exec Director, CISO

    Despite all your best efforts and preparations, it’s probably only just a question of time before your organisation suffers a data protection breach. So what do you do about it? How bad is the problem? Can it be fixed before you have to go public? How quickly will this escalate? Can it be stopped from spiraling out of control?

    How much will this cost – in terms of cash and reputational damage? And how do the financial and compliance obligations of the FD conflict with the needs of IT? Where does corporate communications fit into the picture?

    This discussion group will deal with a real-world situation, testing their responses and their awareness of the full picture.


2017 / Development
2017 / Development
  • How to launch your ‘impossible’ enterprise

    Bas Lansdorp M.Sc., Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mars One

    The power of persuasion is vital to launch any new endeavour, business or personal.

    How do you get the backing for your mission? Join Bas on an incredible journey and discover that ability within yourself!


    Understanding the psychology of higher performing teams: what’s really going on?

    Dr. Tim O’Brien, Psychologist, Performance Consultant and Author

    Whereas Tim’s keynote address was focussed on individuals this session is all about teams. Every team that Tim has worked with - in business and in sport - identifies and develops its Inner Story as it is the most important lever for performance. In this practical session Tim will help you to ...


    How your mind can make you more successful

    Dr. Tim O’Brien, Psychologist, Performance Consultant and Author

    Defining what success means and looks like for you is critical if you want to succeed. However, controlling what is going on inside your head is even more critical in getting you to where you want to be. Successful people are focused – but do you know the one thing that everyone must focus on ...


  • How to make a great presentation every damn time!

    David McQueen, Founder and Managing Director, Narratively

    This workshop explores the core elements of memorable presentations and will examine:

    • Uncovering the big idea

    • The development of core messages and storytelling

    • Understanding the impact of your voice

    • Developing platform skills

    David McQueen is an international ...


    Fast Asleep - Wide Awake: the link between sleep, productivity and performance

    Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, physiologist and sleep therapist

    This seminar will address stress, pressure, performance optimisation, burnout prevention and offer practical solutions to deal with 21st century insomnia. The following will be covered:

    • Sleep, productivity and performance – What’s so important?

    • Typical patterns of sleep disrupti...


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