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One of the most important factors for many delegates who decide to attend The IT Directors' Forum is the opportunity to investigate potential future service providers. Our unique appointment system ensures that your time is extremely well spent:
  • We arrange a host of 1-1 sessions with the people that you want to meet.
  • Once you’ve made your selection we build a personalised itinerary that enables you to participate in the meetings, the conference programme, and also leaves you free time to network with the other executives.

Attend as a supplier

If you'd like to attend this or any other Richmond Event as a supplier company please get in touch with our sales team
Charlotte Doniger
Sales Manager
+44 (0) 20 8487 2205

Suppliers - Spring 2017
Suppliers - Spring 2017

  • Can't see who you are looking for?
    This is a sample of the supplier companies who are due to attend the Forum . Companies from a broad range of sectors will be at the Forum. Get in touch with us if you would like to see the full list.
Suppliers - Autumn 2018
Suppliers - Autumn 2018

  • Can't see who you are looking for?
    This is a sample of the supplier companies who are due to attend the Forum . Companies from a broad range of sectors will be at the Forum. Get in touch with us if you would like to see the full list.
Supplier Testimonials
Supplier Testimonials
  • "Excellent platform where suppliers and delegate are fully on board with the expectations of the event....Fantastic."
    Business Development - GGR Communications

    "Very good way to meet people of the right level all in one place"
    UK Regional Manager - Interoute

    "Fantastic! Well organised, slick and professional. A great opportunity to get in front of people we would simply not have access to through any other means. You very much get out of it what you put in but the opportunity is there and if you commit yourself to it 100% the ROI is there to be had."
    Director of Business Development – Timico

    "Engaging. Great delegates and suppliers. Good value and well organised."
    Head of Security & Enterprise Networks - Axonex

    "A great opportunity to win new business and make new business contacts."
    Chief Executive, Eden House

    "A great value event which provided excellent opportunities with enterprise level organisations and key decision makers."
    Sales & Service Director - Backup Technology
Supplier Case Study
Supplier Case Study
  • Timico first met the GDST on board the Aurora at the IT Directors’ Forum in May 2012. A short time afterwards the Trust was facing some challenges with the provisioning of a particular circuit via its incumbent provider and asked Timico for help. Later that year, the GDST put out a tender for an overhaul of its infrastructure and Timico were invited to respond along with a number of other potential suppliers.

    The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) is the leading network of independent girls’ schools in the UK, educating approximately 8% of all girls in independent education across 24 GDST schools and two academies throughout England and Wales.

    Mission possible : Connectivity as the enabler for change
    The GDST achieves exceptional levels of academic achievement over a large cohort of students and is publicly committed to investing in areas such as ICT, facilities and forward-thinking educational initiatives. In support of this, and as part of the Trust’s mission to become a forward thinking and technically astute organisation, it embarked on an ambitious IT project to significantly enhance the connectivity infrastructure across the entirety of its schools and academies.

    Putting its trust in Timico
    After a detailed review of the market, the GDST selected Timico to complete the project – the biggest it has ever undertaken. Using its expertise and knowledge of providing connectivity across multiple locations, Timico equipped all 26 schools and academies throughout 42 locations with resilient fibre connectivity and a hosted Cisco Unified Communications system – significantly improving the Trust’s connectivity and communication services.

    Technology at the heart of education
    Rolling out tablet computers, making use of webinars from specialist teachers across the whole organisation, and increasing remote and interactive learning are all among the GDST’s plans to revolutionise the way that technology is used in its classrooms, all of which would be supported by the new advanced IT infrastructure.

    Richard Martin, Head of ICT at the Girls’ Day School Trust, said: “Technology is moving at an incredible pace, so it’s imperative that we have our finger on the pulse in order to pass on the necessary knowledge and skills to our students before they enter higher education or the job market – and equip our teachers with the facilities to do so.

    Looking to the future
    Andrew Fox, Director of Managed Networks and Connectivity at Timico, added: “The GDST has big plans for the future, so needed a completely flexible solution which was responsive to change yet solid and dependable. The GDST has a fantastically rich heritage, so it’s been really exciting for us to support the Trust in this phase of its development. The implications this technology could have for the future of education are fascinating and we are excited to be a part of it.”

  • Fordway helps acute hospital trust consolidate data and prepare for a paperless future

    IT infrastructure specialist Fordway has attended the ITDF for several years.  Fordway was founded 22 years ago on the principle of using mature, experienced staff to tackle the root cause of infrastructure problems, rather than just treat the symptoms with new hardware and software.  The company also provides a range of managed cloud services from its own equipment in two UK data centres.
    Fordway has extensive experience across public, private and not for profit sectors for organisations including the London Borough of Brent, Comic Relief and one of the engineering consortia building infrastructure for Crossrail.

    The company has just designed and installed a new scalable storage solution for University Hospitals Coventry & Warwick NHS Trust to consolidate storage from across the Trust, provide a platform for a new PACS implementation and support future growth.  It delivers better availability and resilience and provides a flexible platform for future developments, including the electronic storage and retrieval of all patient notes by 2016.

    The Trust’s existing EMC SAN was due to reach the end of its maintenance life in 2014. “We didn’t want to tie our new PACS solution to our current SAN, which would then have to be replaced in a year’s time, especially with the high volume of data we’d have to transfer,” explains the Trust’s Associate Director of IT Charles Yeomanson.  “We also decided to use the opportunity to consolidate storage across the Trust in a single solution.”

    Charles met a number of enterprise storage vendors to assess the products available before drawing up and publishing an open tender.  He had met Fordway’s managing director Richard Blanford at the ITDF in 2012 and, knowing the company’s experience in the healthcare sector, suggested that they should respond.

    How useful do both organisations find the ITDF?
    According to Fordway’s Richard Blanford: “as well as making new contacts, it enables us to hear firsthand about the challenges IT directors are facing, and by sharing the experience we’ve gained from a wide range of infrastructure change projects we can suggest different ways to address those issues.”

    Charles Yeomanson from University Hospitals Coventry & Warwick NHS Trust adds: “The IT Director’s Forum was an ideal opportunity to make contact with a number of suppliers to initiate specific service developments.”

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